Licensed Disposal Service for Hazardous Waste


Burrwood Environmental Services Ltd is able to provide a licensed disposal service for all types of hazardous waste, either in bulk or small quantities. We can provide one off collections on request or offer a regular more frequent collection where output meets demand.
The following services can be provided at your site:

  • Technical services
  • Take samples and provide an analysis service for unidentified items
  • List the waste
  • Classify the waste for packing
  • Provide materials and specialist containers for packing
  • Produce documentation to ensure compliance

On completion, consignment documents and inventory records will be supplied and materials will be taken to a licensed treatment facility, which offers the best option for your waste.

Paints and Solvents

Solvents are liquid substances that can dissolve other substances. Some of the more common solvents are petroleum distillates, paint thinners, paint strippers and degreasing fluids. Most of these solvents are hazardous as they are both flammable and toxic.

In most cases solvents can be recycled through a process that involves separating the impurities.

At Burrwood Environmental Services Ltd we are able to offer a collection and recycling service for most types of waste solvents, inks, paints, resins and adhesives, either in a small or large bulk consignment.

Where required we are able to provide specialist approved containers on request. Flammable solvents can then be bulked together and consigned to a specialist recovery and treatment facility.

Where possible the containers and any associated packing materials are then recycled.

For further information or to arrange for us to pick up your hazardous waste, call us on the number at the top of the page. You can also reach us through the form on the contact page.

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